How am I Qualified to Help You?

I am a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner – Level II, a Kundalini Reiki Master, a Certified ThetaHealer, and a Certified Crystal Therapist. I also give intuitive angel card readings, and have studied extensively the effects of aromatherapy, nutrition and vitamin support on emotional wellbeing. I was a semester away from becoming a Registered Nurse before realizing my calling was not in a clinical hospital setting, but in my own practice helping people with emotional disorders regain the stability they deserve.

I also have Bipolar Disorder. So does my daughter, along with ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. We live with this condition every day, though you probably wouldn’t know it unless I told you.

How do I manage?

In addition to following my doctor’s orders and taking my medicines, which help many of my symptoms but don’t always resolve my underlying emotions, I practice a variety of holistic techniques that keep us stable, functioning and grounded. During the past few years, I’ve realized that medicines and therapy aren’t always enough. Which is why I’ve dedicated my life to helping others find peace by applying the very same energy healing and emotional support techniques that have been so successful for my daughter and me.

I do not take the place of your therapist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, or primary care physician. Think of me as part of your support team—your psychiatrist provides medicinal therapy, your psychologist provides talk and behavioral therapy, and I provide energy therapy and emotional balancing.

I can help calm your mind and focus your energy to get you through some of the worst anxiety attacks, depressive and manic episodes. I can help you find your center, your calm, and your balance. I can help you focus again and get your life back in order.

I have been where you are and have proven that there is a way back, a light at the end of the tunnel. This healing starts within you. This is not a typical therapist appointment or doctor’s visit. This will be life-changing. This will be the “MoonStone” of your own life.