About Stephanie

testportraitStephanie Long, Healing Energy Practitioner

For more than 25 years I worked as an Executive Assistant for organizations large and small, including several healthcare and life science companies. During that time, I learned to be incredibly organized, highly detailed and, most importantly, I learned that I loved everything about the human body.

Along the way, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety Disorder. Even with my diagnoses, I manage to remain highly functional (my doctor likes to tell me I’m really good at being bipolar. That’s good, right?) From the time of my diagnosis in 2002 until I began my journey as an energy healer in 2011, I continued to work full-time. I continued to have friends and a close family. But I was never really grounded.

In 2010, I was hospitalized for a severe Bipolar episode. When I came through that last experience, I promised myself I was never going to put myself or my family through something like that again. I began reading and learning everything I could about any type of mental disorder. I was determined to fix myself, and knew at that moment I wanted to spend my life helping others.

I left the corporate world to begin nursing school. About two-thirds of the way through, my daughter was also diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and ADHD. With a heavy heart but a profound reason, I left nursing school to care for and homeschool my daughter. And that was when my true spiritual journey began.

Through my use of aromatherapy and nutritional immunity support, I already knew that our mind and bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves. Upon leaving nursing to care for my daughter, however, I felt very alone. My neighbors and family and friends helped out where they could, but ultimately I felt isolated. This was when I began journaling, meditating and praying every day.  It became such a habit–a ritual that helped ground me and gave me purpose and strength to help myself and my daughter.

Soon afterward, I was also introduced to healing crystals and how to use their remarkable energy to balance the body and mind. These techniques, and my learnings, became such an incredible part of my life. Today, we begin our school day by grounding ourselves. My daughter has taught me so much, and I know I am teaching her much as well. On days I don’t do my morning routine of meditation, prayers and crystal healing, I find myself unfocused, out of sorts, out of balance and at the whim of my emotions.

That awareness was my true awakening. I realized how important these same techniques could be to other people. I realized how many people take these things for granted and need help to realize the power of this healing energy.